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Africanness sourced ethically 80% handmade fashion clothing for you

Creating Stronger Communities:

At Afrohoard, we believe that your support is equal to pursuing humanitarian changes pursued globally.

Our Partners 

At least 80% of our products are African-designed handmade, made with love in Africa. 

For the moment, the products we sell are made and crafted in the democratic republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast. Furthermore, we are currently looking into moving to all the other African countries to fulfill our promises for change.

Shop Store Location

Afrohoard is an African fashion online clothing store-branded brand with the main headquarters in Louisville, KY, the USA, with Service options: Shipping Delivery.

Mission For Change:

In our mission for change, we consider Africa and Asia because we believe that humanitarian help and support are needed the most in these two parts of the world. Our commitment is to support everyone in need from these two continents, to begin with, to make an impact in the world.

As stated in the mission above, we will build a humanitarian-orientated brand for a better world where starvation, unbalanced employment opportunities, and poverty will no longer be a challenge.

Since empowerment is a common denominator in eliminating most life challenges. “together, with love, dignity, compassion, generosity, kindness, and empathy make this possible”!

Afrohoard founder

Belief Background:

The Afrohoard founder is from western central Africa based in the USA but also passionate about fashion. In the same way, he is very optimistic about every possible positive change in the social-economic and financial in the African communities.

Empowering Women, Empowering People

We support organizations in pursuit of these changes in Africa and Asia, and around the globe. Any purchase you make at Afrohoard will contribute 10% to support this cause for change in our communities in need. 

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